Käthe Øien was born in Oslo, Norway, but has lived most of her adult life in Oslo. She lives in central Oslo and has her studio in Hausmannsgate 6.
She has had 7 years of private lessons and proof from the deceased painter Jacob Schmidt (1947-1992). She is an artist who goes her own ways, and says: It is the process of creating images that are the most important thing for her.

She has received:
The grant Ryvarden – Sveio municipal 1996
Ibsen Fest -Artist in Residence -2007, Lanesboro, Minnesota, USA
Risør municipality culture award 2009/2010.

She has for many years held art courses for children by old town school, Oslo.

This she says about her working process:
I work mainly with paintings (acrylic on canvas), but also with photography and digital printing. Nature, music and dreams have always been picture creating for me, and through my work I’m trying to convey emotions and moods. Expression ranges from abstract to figurative abstraction. I am seeking to get a feeling of something unpredictable. The feeling you have when you know something is going to happen, and that you do not have any opportunity to take control of the events to come.
A sense of mastering the art of balance to the extreme and anyway are you terrified of falling. A moment's recognition that your belonging is based on a dream, and you are about to wake up.